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5 Simple Ways to ‘Green’ Your Properties’ Landscapes

by Ashley Halligan 11/7/2012,  No Comments

Landscaping can be a tedious and expensive burden for property managers. “Green” landscaping may seem even more daunting. But, making your rental property greener can make it more marketable–plus, a green landscape generally requires less upkeep, with lower maintenance costs.

It’s Not Too Late, Austin: How to Rent Your Place for SXSW

by Ashley Halligan 3/1/2012,  No Comments
SXSW Vacation Rental

With just 6,000 downtown Austin hotel rooms SXSW’s 300,000 visitors must opt for other options. This presents a lucrative opportunity for Austin locals to rent their space to visitors. What considerations should you keep in mind when listing your property?

“Green” Certifications LEEDing Facility Managers

by Ashley Halligan 2/9/2012,  No Comments
LEED Certified Garage

With sustainability on the minds of facility managers, deciding whether the investment necessary to achieve “green” certifications is worth it may seem overwhelming. Where do you begin? If you manage a facility, here are the green certifications and accreditations experts say you should pay attention to.

Curb Appeal Case Study: Finding Value in the Crafty and Eccentric

by Ashley Halligan 2/1/2012,  No Comments

Property owners are familiar with the usual roster of curb appeal improvements, such as repainting the property, mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. Basic steps like these should be done when preparing any property for rental. But beyond the usual, what are some additional ways to enhance curb appeal?

Occupant Behavior: Five Keys to Meeting Environmental Performance Goals

by Ashley Halligan 1/19/2012,  1 Comment

Methods and strategies to boost tenant compliance in LEED and energy-efficient facilities must become an integral part of green building, before and after occupancy. I’ve compiled five ways to encourage behaviors that align with environmental performance goals.

Resident Retention Strategies: Three Tips to Kick Off a Strong 2012

by Ashley Halligan 1/11/2012,  4 Comments

It’s no secret that tenant turnover has costly effects. A 2011 SatisFacts study estimates move-out costs average $3,900 per unit. I interviewed property managers and retention research experts to collect common sense and creative strategies to encourage lease renewal and increase resident retention.

Risks and Rewards of Short-Term Rentals | A Starter Guide for Property Owners

by Ashley Halligan 12/20/2011,  4 Comments
Short-Term Rental Risks and Rewards

Property managers and independent property owners are vying for a piece of the short-term rental pie. We wrote this guide to help property owners understand the pros and cons of short-term or vacation rentals. Here we present four risks and rewards to help you determine the best option for your property.

IBM Acquires Tririga; Facilities Management Enters the Limelight

by Taylor Short 4/7/2011,  1 Comment
IBM Acquires Tririga

IBM’s recent acquisition of Tririga came as a bit of a surprise, but it was a strategic play nonetheless. Big Blue is digging deeper into the facilities management and real estate software industry. Tririga is a great addition to IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative. Let’s take a look at how else the purchase will help.

Expert Roundtable Series – Best Practices for Lead Management

by Taylor Short 1/21/2011,  2 Comments
Property Management Roudtable

Whether it’s an email management system or a proprietary lead tracking program, technology is a key component in any organization’s lead management infrastructure. We interviewed 3 leading property management companies about the technology behind their successful lead management processes.

Survey: Are Apartment Owners Adopting Green Retrofits?

by Taylor Short 12/17/2010,  3 Comments

Green retrofitting is big business these days. Analysts predict strong growth in the market over the next several years. But are green renovations truly on the rise, especially in the multifamily housing market? We are hosting a poll to find out if apartment owners are performing green retrofits.

How Are Property Managers Using Technology?

by Chris Thorman 9/9/2010,  No Comments
Technology Characteristics Of A Growing Business

Property management is not necessarily known as a tech-savvy industry. However, companies are making great strides towards automating many business activities through the use of technology. Here we report our survey results on how property managers are using technology.

5 Amazing Mobile Apps for Property Management

by Taylor Short 9/8/2010,  1 Comment

Mobile technologies such as augmented reality, mobile marketing and customer portals are becoming available in many industries. Why not property management? From practical to just plain cool, we ruminate on 5 mobile apps that we’d like to see developed for property managers.

Six Ways Software Can Help Property Managers

by Chris Thorman 8/24/2010,  1 Comment
Craigslist Property Listing

Property management software helps companies automate many of their day to day business activities. Whether it’s tracking prospective tenants, communicating with existing tenants or managing online advertisements, property management systems help improve the efficiency and productivity of operations.