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AppFolio’s web-based property management software is designed for use with residential properties. Their software offers functionality that aids residential property managers in tracking leases and tenants, accounting, and marketing. AppFolio was founded three years ago and has collected approximately $30 million dollars in venture capital funding.


AppFolio offers one web-based software program that is designed almost exclusively for residential property managers. AppFolio will accept clients who need to manage mixed-use properties but their core competency is not in the commercial market. The software is best suited for small to mid-sized property management companies who are managing over 50 units.


The following are the primary features of AppFolio:

General LedgerElectronic paymentsResidential / tenant portal
Cash or accrual accountingOnline maintenance requestsOnline work orders
Financial reportingOnline vacancy postingOnline access for owners
Owner statementsEmail payment remindersCheck mailing
Property-specific booksBank reconciliationOnline rental applications
Budgeting & forecastingDocument managementTenant screening

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While AppFolio’s functionality covers much of what a property manager would require, the software is missing some features such as utility metering and payroll management. However, we expect that they will continue to build out the functionality of their product.



AppFolio runs on an entirely web-based system, with the AppFolio itself responsible for data backups and software updates. Because the system is web-based, there are no operating system restrictions, meaning AppFolio can run on Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems. A user only needs a supported browser to access AppFolio’s software. As with most web-based systems, the data stored by AppFolio can be downloaded anytime by its owners.

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AppFolio’s supported browsers include Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The company has developed the user interface to run beautifully on an iPad or iPhone.


AppFolio presents the following as key differentiators in their product:

  • Easy data migration
  • Universal search
  • Syndicate vacancies automatically to major listing web sites
  • Web site creation, hosting and integration
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Straight forward monthly pricing with FREE ACH payments


AppFolio users pay $1 per month, per unit managed with a minimum of 200 units. A one time set up fee equal to two months of service (minimum $400) is assessed when a new user signs up. An unlimited number of users can access the system for that price. Request a price quote for AppFolio Property Manager »


Founded in 2007, AppFolio boasts a management team with a strong technical and web-oriented background. Much of the upper level management team came from Citrix Online, the company behind GoToMeeting and GoToMyPC. To date, AppFolio has received approximately $30 million dollars in venture capital funding from investors such as Cisco Systems. AppFolio employs 80 people and is headquartered near Santa Barbara, California.


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