Point2 Property Manager (formerly DIY Real Estate Solutions) Review

Point2 Property Manager (formerly DIY Real Estate Solutions) by Yardi is a fully web-based property management system, designed primarily for residential use. Point2 Property Manager offers a residential property manager virtually every software feature they need from robust tenant and lease management to creating integrated marketing web sites. Point2 Property Manager was acquired by Yardi Systems in May 2010 specifically to fill a need they had for a web-based property management system geared towards smaller property managers.


Point2 Property Manager is designed for residential property managers who are managing 1,500 units or less. Small to mid-sized landlords and property managers are the software’s ideal users. These are managers who work with apartment buildings, condos, vacation rentals, short-term housing or mixed-portfolio housing.

Point2 software does not cater to commercial property managers, any public or affordable housing managers, homeowners associations, or managers of manufactured housing.


The following are the primary features of Point2 Property Manager:

General LedgerElectronic paymentsOn demand financial reporting
Quickbooks integrationOnline maintenance requestsWeb site creation & integration
Resident portalOnline vacancy postingVacancy planning
Owner portalEmail payment remindersUtility metering
Lead managementOn demand financial reportingContact management
BudgetingDocument managementTenant screening

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Point2 Property Manager is designed specifically with the multi-family property manager or landlord in mind and the software has a thorough set of features to support them. However, there are a few features that Point2 Property Manager does not support, such as payroll management and legal compliance. Features such as tenant screening and electronic payments are not standard and require an extra fee per month to use them.



Point2 Property Manager is part of a growing trend of completely web-based property management systems. This deployment model offers a number of advantages over on-premise systems, such as remote access, data backups stored off-site, automatic software updates, and typically a lower upfront cost. This model also makes it easier for the software to integrate with third-party applications and services. View a demonstration of the web-based interface  » All that is required to operate Point2 software is a Windows-based operating system, Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher) and an Internet connection. Currently, it does not support Macintosh or Linux based machines.


Point2 Property Manager offers the following as key differentiators:

  • Completely web-based solution
  • Integration with third-party applications and services
  • Free two week trial of the software
  • Low upfront cost
  • Strong data security
  • No contract or software support fees


Point2 Property Manager starts at a base price of $1 per unit per month for the core system, with additional fees for add on modules.

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Currently operating out of Santa Barbara, CA, Yardi Systems is the world’s largest property management software company. Their over 1,200 employees around the world support the more than 15,000 businesses and organizations that use Yardi products. Founded in 1984, Yardi Systems has steadily grown it’s portfolio through a series of product releases and company acquisitions. In the last year, Yardi Systems has acquired residential software company DIY Real Estate Solutions, resident screening service Rent Grow and online real estate portal Property Shark. Yardi’s products manage over 7 billion in commercial square feet and over 8 million residential units around the world.


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