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i-CAM is an on-premise property management system designed for the public and affordable housing markets. i-CAM has many standard features of residential property management software, as well as a “wizard” to comply with Section-8 and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations. i-CAM users manage over 500,000 total units and the software is installed in over 5,000 offices.


i-CAM’s customers are property managers whose manage Section-8 and other affordable and public housing rentals. This is the only segment of the rental industry that i-CAM serves. Property managers in the public and affordable housing markets are required to comply with certain regulations and laws. i-CAM is designed specifically to handle those regulations within the context of property management.


The following are the primary features of i-CAM’s software:

Renovation planningCritical date notificationsGeneral ledger
Document managementLead trackingOn demand compliance reporting
Legal compliance wizardsTenant screeningData integrity checks
Electronic paymentsDemographic trackingInventory tracking
Quickbooks integrationTRACS report submissionDrag & drop reporting
Vacancy planningOn demand financial reportingExecutive dashboard

Since it’s geared towards users who work in public and affordable housing, i-CAM doesn’t have many of the “typical” features found nowadays in property management systems. i-CAM does not support online resident and owner portals, vendor payment directly through the application, or integration with a customer’s web site.


One unique feature about i-CAM’s property management software is that it is available in an on-premise version, as well as a hosted web-enabled version. In the case of the web-enabled version, users can choose to either store their data locally on an in-house server or let RealPage, i-CAM’s parent company, host the data remotely. Most property management systems are deployed in either on-premise or web-based versions only, which makes i-CAM unique in this respect. i-CAM is designed as a Windows-only system that is accessible through Internet Explorer or Firefox. It is built on the Delphi codebase and runs on the Firebird database.


Buildium presents the following as key differentiators in their product:

  • Web-based or on-premise deployment models
  • Complete compliance coverage regardless of agency or program
  • Electronic announcements
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Integrates with many third-party services and products


i-CAM starts at $1,995 for the stand-alone or self-hosted application and $2 per unit/month for the hosted version (Minimum $1,995 annual charge).


i-CAM’s parent companies have been through a couple of acquisitions in recent years and they’re currently owned by multi-family software giant RealPage, Inc. RealPage has acquired a number of property management applications over the years, resulting in a robust portfolio of products. RealPage employs over 1,110 people and generated over $140 million in business in 2009. They are headquartered in Carollton, TX, a Dallas-Ft. Worth suburb.


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