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Property Boulevard is property management system designed to serve both commercial and residential properties. The software offers complete property management accounting, robust building maintenance functionality, and extensive tenant and lease management functionality.


Property Boulevard’s software can be used to manage both commercial and residential properties. The company offers two editions of the software – My Property (designed for landlords with 24 or fewer units) and the Property Boulevard edition (designed for property managers). My Property is essentially a scaled down version of the Property Boulevard edition of the software, designed for landlords who deal in a lower volume of units.

Property Boulevard serves a number of multi-family and commercial markets, such as condos, co-ops, industrial housing, manufactured housing, retail, self-storage, student and senior housing. Property Boulevard and My Property do not serve homeowners associations, public housing or the vacation rental markets.


The following are the primary features of Property Boulevard:

General LedgerAsset managementElectronic payments
Cash or accrual accountingPayroll managementTool & equipment tracking
On demand financial reportingDocument managementUtility metering
CAM & OPEX reportingCompliance trackingVacancy planning
BudgetingInsurance trackingBid management
Custom reportingForecastingReal time accounting
Inventory managementOnline tenant accessProspective tenant access

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Property Boulevard has a number of features not seen in many other systems, such as utility metering, vacancy planning and tool and equipment tracking for example. However, the lack of online tenant and prospect portals and browser-based access may put Property Boulevard at a disadvantage with some software buyers who conduct a lot of business online. Remote access is available through a remote desktop connection or terminal server.



Property Boulevard offers both on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment for its solution. If the buyer chooses to deploy the solution on-premise, the system is physically installed on a user’s machine and typically only those on the same local area network can simultaneously access the program. Updates to the software must be installed manually on each machine, either via CD-ROM or file download.

In addition to this on-premise option, Property Boulevard is also available as a SaaS solution. With this option, users can access the solution from any Web browser.

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Property Boulevard runs natively on all Windows platforms and is accessible via Macintosh through a remote desktop connection. The software’s code is based on the C++, xBase++, and Assembler programming languages.


Property Boulevard presents the following as key differentiators in their product:

  • CAM & OPEX reporting
  • Designed for commercial and residential use
  • Real time accounting
  • Multiple tenant payment choices, including online payment, EFT and direct deposit
  • Cash and accrual based accounting
  • Works on all Windows operating systems


Property Boulevard’s pricing structure is based upon the number of concurrent users needed, starting at $1,300 per year for two users. The price increases as more users are added and more units are managed.


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