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Rent Manager, by London Computer Systems, is a property management system designed to help real estate professionals manage residential and commercial rental property. The software package offers a wide range of features to help property managers and landlords manage their accounting, tenant and lease tracking, and building maintenance. There are currently over 15,000 residential and commercial property managers and owners using Rent Manager.


Rent Manager is capable of managing both residential and commercial properties and comes in both web-based and on-premise versions. The software has three on-premise suites – Enterprise, Professional and Small Business. The Enterprise version is designed for large companies; Professional is designed for mid-size companies; and the Small Business version is designed for customers managing between ten and 150 rental units.

Rent Manager has the capability to manage a wide array of properties, including apartments, commercial properties, manufacturing housing, retail, student housing and healthcare-related housing. Rent Manager does not focus on vacation rentals, condos, Section 8 housing, or homeowners associations.


The following are the primary features of Rent Manager:

General LedgerProspect portalOnline bill pay
Payroll importCAM & OPEX reconciliationLead tracking
BudgetingInsurance trackingTenant screening
Community forum creationInsurance trackingForecasting
General ledgerAccount reconciliationScreen-sharing support
Web site integrationMaintenance trackingOn demand financial reporting

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Rent Manager boasts a wide array of features for property managers in its software packages. The standard features are there – general ledger, online bill pay, tenant screening – but Rent Manager also offers more advanced feature such as web site integration and mobile capabilities in the form of a smartphone app. However, many of these advanced features, such as the resident portal and online bill pay, are only available in the Rent Manager Online edition. None of the Rent Manager products integrate with Quickbooks.


Rent Manager comes in two different deployment models – web-based (Rent Manager Online) and on-premise (Rent Manger Enterprise, Professional and Small Business). The online edition is ideal for companies that require remote access to their systems or have multiple offices that need access. Users of the on-premise versions of Rent Manager can simultaneously access the system over the same local area network. Rent Manager’s technology has allowed LCS to create a number of optional modules that interface with the software, such as check scanning, meter reading and prospect management.

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Rent Manager Online will run on any Windows PC, Macintosh, or Linux platform. The on-premise editions of the program are 32-bit Windows versions, running on any platform from Windows 98 to Vista. Rent Manager Enterprise, Professional and Small Business editions will not run on a Mac or Linux platform. All editions run on a SQL database.


Rent Manager presents the following as key differentiators in their product:

  • Available in web-based model and on-premise models
  • Mobile device support
  • Direct web site integration
  • Highly customizable
  • Strong data security
  • Free product updates

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London Computer Systems (LCS), the company behind Rent Manager, was founded in 1982 in Ohio by Dave Hegemann. Hegemann created Rent Manager as a way to help manage his father’s rental properties. Over 25 years later, LCS has released four editions of Rent Manager and employs more than fifty people. LCS is based in Loveland, OH, and their business also includes serving as an Internet service provider, data hosting center and VoIP service.


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