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The Yardi Voyager products are a family of browser-based property management systems that are designed for a wide range of property types. Each system is designed for a specific industry but each edition has similar core modules, such as tenant and lease tracking, accounting and building maintenance. Yardi is the largest property management software company in the world, with thousands of clients managing millions of units around the world.


The Voyager software family is comprised of seven different software editions, each serving a different segment of the rental industry. The Voyager suite serves residential and commercial properties, military housing, senior housing, public and affordable housing, and homeowners associations. In addition to these markets, the other Yardi property management software products cover virtually every other size and segment of the market. The small section of the market that the Voyager products do not cover includes the vacation rental market, hotel/resort management, and self-storage property management.


The following are the primary features of Yardi Voyager:

ProductProperty Type ServedDifferentiating Features
Voyager CommercialRetail, industrial and commercial propertiesComplete retail percentage rent calculations; Simplified setup of robust expense recoveries; Lease option management with encumbrance tracking
Voyager ResidentialApartments, single-family homes, manufacturing housingComplete retail percentage rent calculations; Simplified setup of robust expense recoveries; Lease option management with encumbrance tracking
Voyager Affordable Housing50059 project-based properties, Low Income Tax Credit properties, HOME Fund properties, RHS Section 515 propertiesCombined subsidy qualifying; Consolidated receipts for Section 8 vouchers; Maintenance tracking
Voyager Senior HousingIndependent living, assisted living, and dementia care communitiesResident census and service management; Multiple payers per resident; Web portals for residents and families
Voyager iPHAProperties managing federal, state and locally subsidized housing programsValidates 50058 before HUD submission; Reporting for waiting lists and verification, unit inspection, rent comparability, 50058, FSS/WtW, SEMAP, and PHAS; Manage multiple types of vouchers
Voyager Military HousingGovernment agencies and private management companiesTracks DFAS-authorized BAH rates; Centralized UPH management; Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) functionality
Voyager InternationalMultinational commercial and residential portfoliosCurrency conversion tools; Invoicing and reporting in local languages; Real-time data updates

In addition to these market specific features of the Voyager products, Yardi offers a number of optional modules that interface with the Voyager line. CHECKScan turns paper checks into electronic receivables. PAYScan turns paper invoices into electronic transactions. Yardi Voyager Construction Management is a job-costing construction system designed mainly for commercial property owners to manage all phases of the construction process. Finally, Yardi Portal creates an online destination for residents and owners to manage their accounts.


The differentiating feature of the Voyager line of products is their web-based deployment model. This model is ideal for property manager of virtually all types, who need to routinely access data from multiple locations. Other benefits of this deployment model include automatic data backups performed and stored by Yardi; updates are automatically pushed out in real time; and the interface is typically more user-friendly than on-premise systems. Optional modules are also easier to install with a web-based system, with Yardi themselves taking on the installation and updates over the Internet. Officially, Yardi Voyager products only run on Windows operating systems (XP and Vista only currently) and the Internet Explorer web browser. However, many have had success running Voyager on a Macintosh computer by using installing Windows as a “virtual machine” and accessing the Voyager application online through Internet Explorer. Remote desktop connection applications, such as Citrix, will also allow users to access Yardi Voyager on a Macintosh. Unconfirmed reports online state that Voyager does not render well in Safari, Apple’s default web browser.


Yardi presents the following as key differentiators in their product:

  • Web-based deployment systemt
  • Range of suites that covers almost the entire, global rental market
  • CHECKScan and PAYScan modules virtually eliminate paper in the office
  • Robust electronic payments for rent and expenses


Currently operating out of Santa Barbara, CA, Yardi Systems is the world’s largest property management software company. Their over 1,200 employees around the world support the more than 15,000 businesses and organizations that use Yardi products. Founded in 1984, Yardi Systems has steadily grown it’s portfolio through a series of product releases and company acquisitions. In the last year, Yardi Systems has acquired residential software company DIY Real Estate Solutions, resident screening service Rent Grow and online real estate portal Property Shark. Yardi’s products manage over 7 billion in commercial square feet and over 8 million residential units around the world.


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